Hello Guitarists,


    I want to talk with you about Arizona Gives Day - April 2nd, 2019. Arizona Gives Day is a one day online fundraising event for non-profit organizations. Your support of a charitable donation on April 2nd will greatly benefit the Phoenix Guitar Society. Donations received on Arizona Gives Day will provide PGS with the means to continue our current monthly meetings, and will pay our talented guest artists. PGS also aims to raise the funds to develop guitar festivals for our local high school guitar programs. Your donation on Arizona Gives Day will help us raise the necessary funds to continue our current projects and to host two successful guitar festivals. We will also become eligible for additional prize money funding based upon your donations we receive on April 2nd. You can see the official PGS profile at this link.


    Our first program is to continue to fund our monthly meetings at the Tempe History Museum. The cost for one year is $720. We have had some great guest artist perform for us and they have done so voluntarily, but PGS would like to pay guest artists for their performances in the future. We hope to raise $2,400 to pay them at $200 per performance.

Total contributions needed - $3,200. 

    Our other program is to fund both a Fall and a Spring Guitar Festival for the school year 2019/2020. Each festival would involve guitar students from more than a half dozen Phoenix area high schools. These schools will graciously provide the venue, but PGS will support the festivals with staff to hold lectures, technique workshops, master classes, and performance opportunities for everyone. PGS will also provide lunch for both two day festivals and print certificates of participation.

Total contributions needed - $6,000. 

    Our organization has held the desire to host a guitar festival since its conception. Guitar festivals are an opportunity to bring together budding guitarists where they exchange ideas, learn about the cultural context of the music they are studying, and get to know each other socially. It is the love of music that brings us together, and enhances our communities. There is a scene from the classic movie The Music Man that shows us how music can bring a town together. You can enjoy that video here.

    Arizona Gives Day is April 2nd. This all day long fund raising event is vital to the continued success of our organization, and we encourage you to make your charitable donations then. We are grateful for your support and donations any time of the year, but we ask you to please mark this one day on your calendar and to participate on April 2nd.


Here is the link to our listing https://www.azgives.org/phoenixguitarsociety.


You can also donate here on our website https://www.phoenixguitarsociety.org/donate


Please consider making a charitable donation to help PGS continue to provide the great venue for our monthly meetings, to fund our wonderful guest artists, and to develop a great programming at our Fall and Spring guitar festivals. 


Thank You, 

William Bayless

President; Phoenix Guitar Society 


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