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To promote and support guitar while enhancing our communities with musical performance and outreach.



The Phoenix Guitar Society began as a group of classical guitarists with a desire to promote the artistry of performance and build support for guitar within the community. Our goal is to continue to promote and support practicing musicians through public and private performances. We will share our performances as part of our outreach program.  Providing support to music students is important to the values of the Phoenix Guitar Society. With the continued growth and funding we wish to implement a scholarship program for those pursuing  a music education. Additionally, a tiered concert series will be developed to promote and support the guitar, as well as setting a standard for the support of performing artists. The society will also be a central resource for people to find independent music teachers and performers for special events.  Our success will be measured by how well we enhance our community and increase appreciation for the artistry of the guitar.

Classical Guitar. Finger-style Picking.  All ages.  All levels.   

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